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Rock the Earth Newsletter August 2012

» Still Rockin’ The Park Service Over Snowmobiles
» One Big Summer Tour Holiday
» Defending the Delaware

» Still Rockin’ to Protect Browns Canyon and Stop Mountaintop Removal Mining
» Some Big Rockin’ Thank You’s to Our Partners Moosejaw, Patagonia, and Doris Williams
» Member Benefit: Discount Festival Tickets for RtE Members

» Yonder Mountain String Band’s Harvest Festival (October 11-13) – Members Save $25+
» In the Key of Green: Green Back to School Tips
» Help Wanted – Webmaster/Website Developer
» Volunteer Jam
» What Rocks Your Earth: Vinnie Amico (moe.)

Still Rockin’ The Park Service Over Snowmobiles

For over ten years, Rock the Earth has a history of pushing to protect the Nation’s oldest and one of the most beloved National Parks, Yellowstone, from the damaging and disturbing impacts of snowmobiles. After a decade of study and hundreds of thousands of comments, in 2001 the National Park Service (NPS) initiated steps to phase out snowmobiles in favor or larger snowcoaches – a plan that Rock the Earth fully supported. Studies have deemed snowcoaches as the “least impacting” means of visiting the Park during winter months. Since that time, however, those plans to transition to a more ecologically-sound and visitor-friendly regiment have been put aside, largely by legal challenges by the snowmobile industry and concessioners. In the meantime, hundreds of snowmobiles a day have been allowed into the Park in the intervening winter seasons.

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One Big Summer Tour Holiday

Greetings Rock the Earthers!  It’s been an amazing summer that has taken us from the Midwest to theEast Coast, from Southern Florida to near the Canadian Border. We spent portions of the summer with old friends such as the Dave Matthews Band and the Barenaked Ladies, hit the major festivals, and turned lots of new folksonto the Rock the Earth Mission to Defend the Planet One Beat at a Time – and we’re only two-thirds of the way through! As July ended and August started, we began a successful run of shows in great company – starting with Wilco at the Newport Folk Festival and ending in Rochester, NY. During the Wilco run, we even managed to use an off-night to reunite with old friend Jackson Browne at one of our favorite venues, the U.S. Cellular Pavilion at Meadowbrook in Gilford, New Hampshire. After signing up dozens of members and Mountain Heroes at the Wilco and Jackson Browne shows, we headed back on tour with the Allman Brothers Band which took us to Boston for an amazing two-night run featuring Susan Tedeschi and some wonderful Bob Dylan cover songs.

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Defending the Delaware

In January and February, we updated you about our work to stop the Roseland to Susquehanna Powerline project – a proposal that will largely impact three federally protected areas: the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, Middle Delaware National Scenic and Recreational River, and Appalachian National Scenic Trail in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. This proposed project by the Pennsylvania Power and Light Electric Utilities Corporation and the Public Service Electric and Gas Company, would involve replacing an existing 230-kilovolt transmission line with a double circuit line, constituting both a 230kV line capable of carrying 500kVs and a new 500kV line. These new 200-foot high powerlines would cut through these scenic and federally-protected areas as well as impact over 18 acres of Exceptional Value Wetlands (a category of wetlands that the state of Pennsylvania deems worthy of special protection due to their remarkable qualities and/or location).

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Still Rockin’ to Protect Browns Canyon and Stop Mountaintop Removal Mining

As noted in the June edition of Rock the Earth Notes, this Summer Rock the Earth is focused on two major projects: the permanent monument protection for Colorado’s Browns Canyon, and stopping the incredibly destructive practice known as Mountain Top Removal Mining.

Since the start of Rock the Earth’s Summer Tour 2012, thousands of music fans across the country have taken a stand to support our efforts on these two important issues. If you are one of those who have participated, we THANK YOU!  As we continue to tour the country, both of these issues are at the top of our list of activation projects, and if you haven’t already taken action, YOU can NOW!

As a reminder, you can be a Mountain Hero (like Warren Haynes and My Morning Jacket) and join thefight to save mountains, waters and communities in Appalachia now, by adding your photo to our online “Mountain Heroes” photo petition. Our goal is to have over 10,000 people sign up to be Mountain Heroes this Summer, and then to present the photo petitions to the White House’s Council of Environmental Quality (“CEQ”) in a march and public protest in Washington, DC on September 13!  For more information and to join our photo petition, visit Then share the petition with your friends through Facebook and Twitter to help us spread the word and recruit more allies. Together,wecan save mountains!

In addition, if you care about western wilderness areas and protecting them, you can also take a stand for permanent monument protection for Browns Canyon (and register to win a free, two-day overnight rafting trip for two, courtesy of Wilderness Aware Rafting). For more information about what you can do to preserve this amazing place, GO HERE

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Some Big Rockin’ Thank You’s to Our Partners Moosejaw, Patagonia, and Doris Williams

At the Moosejaw store in Boulder, Colorado last month, RtE competed with two other charities to be Moosejaw customer’s favorite charity. The votes have been counted and RtE was the winner!  Patagonia generously donated $5 for every vote we received (plus a little extra). Thank you to all the folks at Moosejaw and Patagonia, and to all of our supporters who went out to vote for us!

RtE member Doris Williams generously performed two benefit concerts for RtE in July:  One in her home town of Los Altos, California and the other in Arvada, Colorado at the D Note. Doris is a performer of Celtic, Renaissance and American Folk music. Many thanks to Doris and all of her fans who came out to support Rock the Earth! 

Thanks to Moosejaw and Doris, over $1,500 was raised for RtE in July!

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Member Benefit: Discount Festival Tickets for RtE Members

Thanks to our generous festival supporters, once again, if you’re a Rock the Earth Member, you can take advantage of some incredible savings on tickets! So, make sure that your membership is up to date and then HURRY, as supplies for these discounted tickets are very limited!  All tickets are non-transferable; one discounted ticket per RtE Membership.

Yonder Mountain String Band’s Harvest Festival (October 11-13) – Members Save $25+

Back to scenic Mulberry Mountain in the Arkansas Ozarks we will go, for Yonder Mountain String Band’s Harvest Festival! Hosted by Colorado’s Yonder Mountain String Band, this bluegrass/newgrass festival will have a wide range of world-famous performers. Not only do you get Yonder for multiple performances, but also great bands like Leftover Salmon, Punch Brothers, The Jayhawks, Cornmeal, Elephant Revival, Dumpstaphunk, and many others!  Rock the Earth is offering RtE Members 4-day ticket/camping passes for $110!  RtE members should contact to purchase.

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In the Key of Green: Green Back to School Tips
(As written for the Huffington Post, August 15, 2012)

The days will soon be getting shorter and colder, which can only mean one thing: back-to-school season has arrived. Although it can be difficult to adjust to the end of summer fun, back-to-school shopping makes the transition just a little easier!

According to the U.S. Census, $7.4 billion was spent on clothes shopping in August 2010, making it the third biggest shopping month of the year (after November and December). But with so many things to buy, how can you keep your purchases Earth-friendly?

It's easy to keep the environment in mind while preparing to go back to school. Check out the tips below on how to make this school year just a little greener.

  • Join The EPA's Clean School Bus Campaign. According to the EPA, school buses drive 25 million students about four billion miles every year in America. With all that stop-and-go, lots of fuel is burned every day. Check to see if your child's bus is a newer bus that meets higher emissions standards, or if it is an old diesel bus that needs to follow stricter green standards. For more information, look at the EPA's Clean School Bus campaign to learn more about greener bussing.

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Help Wanted – Webmaster/Website Developer

Do you have some time on your hands to dedicate to a great nonprofit?  Rock the Earth is only able to accomplish all that we have, since 2004, due to the dedication of generous, talented and passionate volunteers. Each year, over 100 people donate over 10,000 volunteer hours to Rock the Earth!  You could be one of us! 

We are currently seeking a new Webmaster and/or Website Developer for our new website that will more accurately reflect our latest work. Want to really leave your mark on an organization by helping us with our IT needs?  Become part of the strategy team regarding our future

We are currently also looking for volunteers to assist with the following positions:  Washington, D.C. /Baltimore Volunteer Coordinator
If interested in any of these positions, please write to

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Volunteer Jam

Volunteer Jam provides an outlet to thank non-staff volunteers and supporters who have rocked it big time during the past month, and who have gone above and beyond in generous support of the Rock the Earth cause. We want to sincerely thank each of you for giving so generously of your time, and applaud you for your contributions:  Abby Puckhaber, Angela DiBartolomeo, Axel Tomac, Azaria Posik, Chelsea Collison, Colin Robinson, David Malavenda, Gabrielle Masucci, Jeremy Mason, Kaley Gay, Kevin O'Donohue, Lauren Moody, Lindsey Levick, Lisa Shara, Mackenzie Broeren, Morgan Gantz, Nicholas McDonnell, Robbie Skorge, Stacie Mittelman, Susan Honig, and Victoria Stellato.

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What Rocks Your Earth:  Vinnie Amico (moe.)

Vinnie Amico is the drummer in the band moe. He’s been part of the permanent line up since 1996. Vinnie attended the State University of New York at Buffalo, where he played in various local bands, including the Grateful Dead cover band Sonic Garden, Acoustic Forum, and Outer Circle Orchestra. Vinnie lives in Upstate New York with his wife and children, where he enjoys country life, fresh air and clean water.

What environmental issue(s) do you consider to be the most critical at this time? The most critical environmental issues at this time are our reliance on fossil fuels and their impact on the environment. We need to find alternative energy sources that will have a lesser impact on the environment, or the weather we had this summer will be the norm and will keep getting worse.

What has inspired you to combine environmental activism with your art? Our ability to have a platform to speak on, as well as like-minded people to speak to, makes it a perfect combination to get our beliefs and our philosophies heard.

Where is your favorite place in nature to go to find solace or inspiration? My back yard. It is the most relaxing place for me ... other than that, any ocean beach. I love the fresh sea air and water.

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