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Rock the Earth Newsletter October 2011

» RtE Still Rocks the Boat
» Journey Rocks the Earth
» Harvest Festival Clean Up Wrap-Up

» Leaders Needed
» Key of Green: Picking a Green Costume
» Membership Has its Benefits

» Volunteer Jam
» ALO Rocks the Earth
» What Rocks Your Earth: Nate Parienti (iClips)

RtE Still Rocks the Boat

It is with growing concern that Rock the Earth continues to watch the rapid deterioration of our oceans. A recent report by some of the world’s most noted ocean scientists conclude that:

• The speed  and  rate  of  deterioration  of  the  ocean  is  far  faster  than most scientists have  predicted  

• Many of  the  identified negative  impacts to oceanic ecosystems have proven to be  greater than the worst   predictions that have been made.

• The world's ocean is at high risk of entering a phase of extinction of marine species unprecedented in human history.

• The combination of   stressors on the ocean is creating conditions associated with every previous major extinction in Earth’s history

• Although difficult to  assess  because  of    the  current unprecedented  speed  of  change,   the  first  steps  of  globally  significant  extinction  may  have  begun,  indicated by  a  rise  in  extinction  threats  to  marine  species  such  as  reef-forming  corals.

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Journey Rocks the Earth

With the conclusion of Rock the Earth’s 8 th Annual Summer Education and Outreach Tour, we want to once again thank Journey (and supporting bands Foreigner and Night Ranger) for having us on their Summer Tour. On this tour alone, Rock the Earth volunteers literally met thousands of fans and signed up hundreds for membership and for our newsletter.

We would also like to thank the fans who participated in our cell phone recycling drive in which dozens of cell phones were collected. The winner of our cell phone contest, Michele Nakazawa, was unfortunately unable to attend the Oct. 1 Denver show, so she received a Rock the Earth 2011 Tour Poster signed by all of the members of Journey! Runner up, Sherry Hess (pictured), received free tickets and a photo opportunity with the band for herself and a friend during the band’s recent stop in Denver.

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Harvest Festival Clean Up Wrap-Up

It was a rainy and overcast day, but despite the weather several volunteers showed up to Yonder Mountain String Band’s Harvest Music Festival a day early to help give back to the Mulberry Mountain community with a road clean up effort (river conditions did not allow for a river cleanup this year). In partnership with Turner Bend and the Work Exchange Team, Rock the Earth and Harvest Fest volunteers picked up trash on several miles of Arkansas Highway 23. We’d like to thank our volunteers: Nathan Huie, Karen Robertson, Ron Robertson, Carly Drienka, Joel Hurlbut, Brian Isaac, Holly Green, Brandon Bartley , Allan Erickson, Adam Bruneau , Amanda Pedersen, Ryan Roberts, Ricky Candrilli, and Tashia Asher. We’d also like to thank Ozark Natural Foods for their generous contribution of snacks and supplies to help make this event possible. Finally, we’d like to thank the following folks who helped us to organize this event: Emily Ginsburg, Kerry Tallarico, Brad Wimberly, Kylie Dangerfield and Seth Weiner. It is our hope that we can continue to conduct these community events semi-annually around the Pipeline Publicity events Wakarusa and Harvest Music Festival!


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Leaders Needed

Think you have what it takes to Defend the Planet One Beat at a Time? Interested in becoming a leader in one of the most exciting organizations in the music scene AND environmental movement? We’re looking for folks with experience in a variety of areas (Nonprofit, Environmental Law, PR, Member Relations, Education, Fundraising) who have a passion for environmental protection and have proven leadership skills. All positions are volunteer, but the rewards are immeasurable. To learn more about how you can help and get involved, write to


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Key of Green: Picking a Green Costume

There are already plenty of ways to make your Halloween costume frightening…don’t let its environmental impact be one of them! Green your Halloween costume by trying one or more of the following:

 1) Reuse an old costume. This will help the planet *and* keep more money in your wallet.

2) Borrow a costume from friends, family or neighbors. You might be surprised at what they have!

3) Make your own costume with everyday household supplies or forgotten clothing items.

4) If you must buy a costume, get it second hand from a store like Goodwill or Salvation Army, or find one on eBay. Aim for a costume you’ll be able to use multiple times.

5) Choose organic makeup for that flesh-eating zombie face and find a costume devoid of plastic.

6) Make a statement by wearing an eco-themed costume!

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Membership Has its Benefits

Did you know that in addition to providing direct support for over a dozen environmental projects, your membership in Rock the Earth gives you these rockin’ benefits?

Discounted Merchandise from RtE and your favorite bands through our newsletter and website

Reduced prices on select concert and festival tickets

20% discount on BAMBOOSA 100% bamboo products

20% off ECO-EXPRESS gift baskets (or donate 20% of all full-priced orders to Rock the Earth by designating “donation” in the comments section of each order)

Free downloads from eMUSIC

20% discount on TREE GREETINGS

20% discount on merchandise from YOUR TRUE NATURE  

10% discount on merchandise from THE FADED LINE CLOTHING COMPANY

15% discount on merchandise from SAMA LIVING

15% discount on merchandise from hundreds of your favorite artists at the LIVE NATION STORE 

10% discount from Relix Magazine

FREE Membership to eCONSCIOUS MARKET plus regular discounts on green products (a $30 value)

To find out how you can take advantage of these Members-Only benefits, write to

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Volunteer Jam

Volunteer Jam provides an outlet to thank non-staff volunteers and supporters who have rocked it big time during the past month, and who have gone above and beyond in generous support of the Rock the Earth cause. We want to sincerely thank each of you for giving so generously of your time, and applaud you for your contributions: Stefanie Cohen, Jennifer Farthing, Rob Hillard, Susan Honig, Allison Kruk, Tyler Sanville, Lisa Sturm, Michael Todd, and Greg Winton.

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ALO Rocks the Earth

About a year ago, long-time Rock the Earth supporters ALO along with music merchandise company Endurance Conspiracy announced a special, limited edition shirt to benefit Rock the Earth. This month, Rock the Earth received a donation check from ALO for $460. Thanks very much to ALO and EC for their kind contribution to our organization to help us Rock the Earth. If you’re interested in helping and getting one of these rare shirts, there are still a few left! You can find them at upcoming ALO shows and on Endurance Conspiracy’s website HERE!

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What Rocks Your Earth: Nate Parienti (iClips)

Nate Parienti is the newest member to join Rock the Earth’s Advisory Board and is the Founder and CEO of iClips. Founded in 2006, iClips is the new face of Interactive Social Networking and Video Streaming, featuring Original Programming, Live Events, User Pages, User-Uploaded Video, News, Music, Sports, content distribution, and much more! Nate is a graduate of Colorado State University and has been a musician his entire life. Since iClips’ inception, Nate has overseen over 1,000 video shoots and serves as executive producer of all of iClips various productions, including live video and broadcasts of events such as the Lollapalooza webcasts 2009 and 2010, four webcasts with His Holiness The Dalai Lama in 2006 and 2011, various Showcases at SXSW, several projects with Steven Van Zandt, Austin City Limits Music Festival, Rothbury Music Festival, Rihannna’s MySpace Secret Show, Katy Perry live event for the launch of the Microsoft phone, Green Apple Festival, Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday Concert from Hyde Park, London, and countless other events. Nate oversees all aspects of the operation of iClips, including growth, strategy, and development of the continual evolution one of the country’s top live streaming destinations.

1. What environmental issue(s) do you consider to be the most critical at this time?
There are so many critical issues affecting the environment right now, where do we even begin? Obviously Global Warming is the 800 pound gorilla and supercedes basically every other issue that is currently happening: they all play into contributing to the warming trend. To that end, I feel like the Keystone Pipeline would be another huge nail in the coffin contributing to warming. It all boils down to fossil fuels and the need for new science and technology to make it feasible for the biggest consumers of fossil fuels to switch to sustainable energy sources. Another issue that I've been keenly following is mountain top removal, which I feel is one of the most blatant affronts to the environment and our natural eco-system, and again is a quest to extract more fossil fuels. My biggest pet peeve right now are plastic bags -- I get so uptight when I see folks at the grocery store with one or two items that are already wrapped in plastic or some kind of packaging, and then they grab a plastic bag or two on top of it...we all know where that plastic ends up and it ain't pretty.

2. What has inspired you to combine environmental activism with your music?
Going back to the mountain top removal issue, I've written a few songs about this. I feel that music is such a powerful emotional driver that if we can combine issues that are important to us in song without doing it in a preachy or judgmental way, we may be able to encourage people to get more involved. We also want to add more environmental awareness in the live shows that we are broadcasting on iClips, and help keep people aware of some of the current issues that we're facing as a global community.

3. Where is your favorite place in nature to go to find solace or inspiration?
I lived in Colorado for seven years and I love the mountains, so I tend to try and spend as much time in the high country as possible. I did a NOLS [National Outdoor Leadership School] course back in 1992 and I learned a lot about sustainability and protecting natural eco-systems through their "Leave No Trace" programming. My course was in the Southwest, and we spent over three months in the wilderness, backpacking, climbing, paddling and caving as well as learning about natural and cultural history. When you spend that much time in nature and you learn how to live in balance with wilderness, it has a major impact on the way you tend to live your life.


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