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Project Update - Pesticide Application to Waterways

On November 27, 2006, the EPA issued the Final Rule on Application of Pesticides to Waters of the United States in Compliance with FIFRA. This rulemaking is intended to clarify the circumstances when pesticides may be directly applied to or sprayed over water bodies without first obtaining a Clean Water Act (CWA) permit. After considering two rounds of public comments, the EPA concluded that the federal Clean Water Act does not require discharge permits for these activities in the following situations:

  • When pesticides are applied directly to water to control pests, including mosquito larvae, aquatic weeds and other pests in the water.
  • When pesticides are applied to control pests that are present over or near water and some of the pesticide will unavoidably end up in the water in order to target the pests effectively.

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Volunteer to Rock the Earth

Rock the Earth relies upon our wonderful volunteers to help accomplish our work. As we continue to grow, we find ourselves in need of volunteers for a number of positions. We are looking for volunteers to help with a variety of tasks, such as:

  • Tabling events
  • Coordinating volunteers
  • Fundraising & membership drives
  • Legal & technical assistance
  • Assisting with data entry & mailings in our Denver office
  • Writing press releases

If you're interested in volunteering with us, please send an email to to find out how you can help Rock the Earth!

RtE Summer Tour Intern Bridget Carey

RtE Seeks Summer Outreach Interns
Are you interested in a summer internship with RtE? This summer we will once again tour the country! Our goal is to educate music fans and environmentalists about our mission and the environmental issues on which we are working. We will be signing up new members and volunteers, as well as continuing to build our relationships with musicians nationwide. We had great success during our 2006 Summer Tour, and look forward to reaching even greater heights in 2007! If you are interested in learning more about the Summer Outreach Intern positions, please email us at for a full job description.

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Planet Defender - Nominations Needed

On Earth Day, Rock the Earth will announce the winners of our annual Planet Defender Award. In our January newsletter, we put out a call for nominees and received some great submittals. There's still time to nominate your 2007 Planet Defender! Rock the Earth will be accepting nominations from its friends and members between now and March 2nd. Help us identify those people who have advanced the cause of environmental protection. Nominees should demonstrate a strong commitment to defending the planet within the realm in which they work. Take a look at our categories listed below, and send us nominations from the music world, your local community, or prominent leaders who have made a broad impact in environmental protection.

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National Advisory Board Moves RtE Forward

New RtE Advisory Board member Chef Charlie Ayers
Photo by Anne Dowie

Rock the Earth is honored to announce our newest Advisory Board members, Charlie Ayers and Lara Pearson. The addition of these two brings our number of Advisory Board members to ten. The Advisory Board represents a diverse cross-section of musicians, environmental and community leaders, and visionaries from across the United States. The Advisory Board helps guide the work of Rock the Earth. Advisory Board members work closely with RtE staff and board to formulate our direction, guide us on pressing environmental issues, and bring the mission of RtE to a larger audience. Please join us in welcoming our newest Advisory Board members as part of the Rock the Earth team!

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Rockin' Sale for Members Only!

Rock the Earth has great deals for RtE Members! For a limited time only, take advantage of the 15% discount on Tamás Estates wine!

RtE Member Benefits:
15% discount on Tamás Estates wine, available for a limited time only.
20% discount on all BASELINE GEAR
20% off all products from Guayaki Yerba Mate
10% off Eco Express gift baskets
20% off Bamboosa products
20% off SCIGear merchandise
Special contests and discounts on concert tickets

For more information on how to take advantage of these Members Only discounts, write to

If you are not yet a Member of Rock the Earth, please consider joining our growing movement of environmentally passionate music fans.

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In the Key of Green: Is Your Refrigerator Running?

Household appliances account for approximately 20 percent of the average household's energy bill. A majority of our nation's energy is still generated from coal and natural gas, meaning our household purchases can make a dramatic impact in the fight to reduce greenhouse gases. Replacing old appliances with Energy Star-rated models can make your refrigerator and other appliances run more efficiently while reducing your environmental impact. The next time you consider purchasing an appliance, look for the Energy Star rating. The Union of Concerned Scientists has tips on household appliances and other simple steps in living a green life.

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Everyone Orchestra Tour to Benefit Rock the Earth!

Just as the Winter Jamfest tour wraps up, with a portion of the proceeds of each night being donated to Rock the Earth, another tour to benefit RtE is about to start. The Everyone Orchestra is a revolving cast of stellar musicians brought together by drummer/conductor (and RtE Advisory Board Member) Matt Butler for concerts, festival super jams and special benefit events. EO performances are designed to create space for each performer's musical personality to shine, to engage the audience as participants in the jam, and to facilitate a massive celebratory coming together featuring a conductor directing both musicians and audience alike in interactive, lively and highly danceable movements.

During the upcoming tour of the Southeast the band lineup includes Butler, drummer Jeff Sipe (Trey Anastasio, ARU), guitar legend Steve Kimock, saxman Jeff Coffin (The Flecktones), vocalist Tanya Shylock (Mountain of Venus), EO core members Chris Haugen, Mike Sugar and Asher Fulero plus live painting by Phil Cheney, Tova Jacobson and more. Stop by Rock the Earth's booth to buy a benefit poster created by our live painters just for the tour. See you there y'all!

February 20 - The Pour House, Charleston, SC
February 21 - The Grey Eagle, Asheville, NC
February 22 - Georgia Theatre, Athens, GA
February 23 - Neighborhood Theatre, Charlotte, NC
February 24 - The Empire Room, Greensboro, NC

Members of Rock the Earth can win pairs of tickets to the concerts. To enter your name, write to

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Tamas Estates Rocks!

On March 10, Tamás Estates Winery will be holding a very special event at the Northstar Resort in Lake Tahoe to benefit Rock the Earth. After holding a snowboard competition in which contestants will jump over wine barrels and judges will determine the "Highest Ollie," Tamás will sponsor a private wine tasting and DJ party inside Butterbox from 5:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Featuring renowned Los Angeles DJ Shabaaz, the $20 cost includes all wine and food, with a large portion of the proceeds going to Rock the Earth.

"Tamás Estates is committed to sustainable winegrowing practices and preservation of the natural environment of the vineyards," said Chris Graves, Tamás Estates' winemaker. "It is our pleasure to partner with Rock the Earth to make the environment a priority in all communities through the enjoyment of music and wine!"

Meanwhile, Members of Rock the Earth will enjoy a 15% discount on all wines ordered through Tamás Estates' website, until April 12, 2007. For more information on how to take advantage of this Members Only discount, write to

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Snoe.down Tickets for RtE Members!

We know it's only February, but festival season will be here before you know it as evidenced by our first ticket offer of 2007 for Members only. Thanks to the generosity of Great Northeast productions, we have a very limited supply of weekend passes to Snoe.down, for only $65 a ticket (a savings of $16!). Snoe.down takes place March 23-25, in Lake Placid, New York, and features moe., the Disco Biscuits, Little Feat, The Slip, Tea Leaf Green and others. Fans will be able to take advantage of a myriad of Lake Placid winter activities. During the concerts, fans will even have the option of ice skating while listening to the show! Other area activities include: Public bobsled and luge rocket rides (weather permitting), outdoor public speed skating (weather permitting), gondola rides to the top of Whiteface, toboggan rides and dog sled rides on Mirror Lake, ice climbing and winter mountaineering, tubing on Saranac Lake, visiting the Olympic ski jump towers and touring the 1932 & 1980 Winter Olympic Museum.

For more information on how Members can purchase discount tickets, write to

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Ryan Montbleau Rocks the Earth: Interview

Emerging onto the national music scene from his home base of Boston, Ryan Montbleau has been described as something of a Martin Sexton by way of Van Morrison and Stevie Wonder. Yet Ryan Montbleau Band's music is difficult to pigeon-hole or neatly categorize. It is original yet familiar-a fresh sound full of firmly-rooted ingredients, including Americana, folk, blues, ragtime and '70's R&B and soul. Whereas the band's intriguing instrumentation and arrangements (not to mention topnotch chops) help to create this unique sound, all is firmly anchored by Montbleau's water-tight lyrics and unmistakable voice.

Having begun his career playing Boston's coffee shops and folk venues as a solo artist with an infectious, percussive, fingerpicking guitar style, the charismatic Ryan Montbleau has evolved into the front man for the eclectic ensemble that bears his name. Their first collective album, One Fine Color, was released on Valentine's Day, 2006 and shows a cohesive vision rarely seen among young artists today. Several thousand copies have sold so far, and the album has been raved about by music lovers of all types and, perhaps most notably, all ages--from senior citizens to infants and everyone in between. One Fine Color showcases the timeless songwriting, invigorating energy and humble, honest sincerity that has allowed Ryan Montbleau Band to expand its passionate fan base one show and one listen at a time.

What environmental issue(s) do you consider to be the most critical at this time?

Well, I've been thinking a lot about water lately--- where our drinking and household water comes from, where our waste water goes, and why is it that it has suddenly become so acceptable to buy all of our drinking water from a bottle. I mean, if someone had told you ten years ago that it would be commonplace to buy water bottled by Coca Cola in the near future, would you have believed them? Maybe you would have, but I'm really just starting to learn! And in all honesty, global warming might be the most critical issue at this time, but I'm thinking about the water.

What has inspired you to combine environmental activism with your music?

Well, like Michael Franti said, the responsibility of the artist is to make great art. That's number one, but with that must come a certain honesty. If you're not being honest about what's going on in the world, then you're not making great art. I've never been one to shove issues or my own agenda or opinions down people's throats, and I hope I never am. But I do feel a responsibility to at least lay it out there on the table. Like, I may not preach to a crowd about how G.W. Bush is the anti-Christ, but I might just say, "Hey, there's a war going on." That, to me, at least brings the greater issues into people's consciousness at that moment. Same with the environment. But, like I said, I'm just starting to learn, so I really haven't done anything yet!

Where is your favorite place in nature to go to find solace or inspiration?

It's funny that with all of this touring and "getting to see the country," that I rarely make the time to go outside and enjoy nature like I should. It's something I have to work on. But I will say that I love snowboarding more than many things in life. And it's those moments that come after the drive to the mountain, the gearing up in the lodge, the lift lines, the lift, etc., that make it all worth it. There's something so humbling and real about a mountain, no matter what color your jacket is or how much you paid through the nose for a lift ticket. That being said, I try to find some inspiration from nature in unassuming places from day to day. It could be one branch that you observe out of a window, a pidgeon in a park, the sound of the wind, anything. The important thing is observing that it's there. Makes you think about your place in it all.

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Rockin' the Earth at Bonnaroo 2006: Photo

RtE 2006 Summer Outreach Tour interns Kathryn Blau, Chandra Ruff
and volunteer Sarah Chrosniak at Bonnaroo

For more info, visit

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