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Rock the Earth wants to help you end 2006 on a Green Note!

Here are some quick tips for celebrating earth-friendly holidays:

Do Digital - Rationalize buying the digital camera you've been wanting for yourself by remembering that digital cameras produce much less waste then film cameras, especially the disposable ones.
Make Merry - Use cloth napkins and real silverware instead of disposables at
your holiday bash. Compost food waste (yes, that even includes Aunt Edna's fruit cake).
Go Live - A live replantable tree will clean the air and protect against global
warming for years to come, while that artificial petroleum-based tree will sit in the landfill for decades to come. Don't forget to dig a planting hole before the ground freezes!
Use Junk - Put junk mail and catalogs to good use by shredding and using them as recyclable packing material instead of non-degradable foam peanuts.
Gift Green - Support Rock the Earth and at the same time cross your kid
brother off the gift list by giving him a membership to Rock the Earth.

This holiday season, take advantage of the opportunity to surprise your friends and family with a variety of holiday gift packages from RtE that include environmentally-friendly goodies like 100% organic cotton/hemp blend shirts and tote bags, fleece hats, CDs, DVDs, posters, and brand-new earth pendants from Touch of J. We are also offering the last of our limited-edition three-poster sets by noted concert artists Emek, Jeff Wood and Gary Houston, valued at $250! There are only a few sets left, so order yours NOW!

In addition to giving a unique and eco-friendly gift, you and your loved ones will have the satisfaction of supporting a non-profit organization that is working hard to protect the environment for generations to come. Your RtE gift supports our efforts to protect beautiful and unique places like the Grand Canyon National Park's Colorado River, and Hetch Hetchy Valley in Yosemite National Park. As we take on new projects to defend the planet one beat at a time, we know that we can make a difference together by raising awareness, activism and funds to protect our natural resources.

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Rockin’ Members Only Benefits

NEW! Just in time for the holidays!: Members receive a 20% discount on all BASELINE GEAR featuring merchandise from bands such as Radiohead, Death Cab for Cutie, John Fogerty, String Cheese Incident, Keller Williams, Umphrey's McGee, Santana, Ozomatli and many others! For information on how to take advantage of this Members-only benefit, write to

20% discount on all BASELINE GEAR
20% off all products from Guayaki Yerba Mate
10% off Eco Express gift baskets
20% off Bamboosa products
20% off SCIGear merchandise
Special contests and discounts on concert tickets

Already a member of RtE? We have a special thank you gift for our members who renew their RtE membership or purchase RtE holiday gifts and memberships for others, so place your order at!

This year, give your friends, family and yourself a
holiday membership package that Rocks the Earth!

Order by December 8th (for Hanukkah) or December 15th (for Christmas)
to ensure delivery before the holidays.

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RtE Prepares to Rock the National Park Service Again
National Park Service Plans to Keep Yellowstone/Grand Teton National Parks Open to Snowmobiles

Prior to 2000, approximately 80,000 recreational snowmobiles were used by visitors to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, resulting in air and water quality issues, disturbance to wildlife, and negatively impacting a significant number of visitors who wished to explore the majesty of a few of the finest natural places in this country in peace and solitude. In 2000, after years of study, environmental and economic assessments and hundreds of thousands of public comments, the National Park Service ("NPS") banned the use of snowmobiles in the Park Units by the winter of 2003-2004. As a result of lawsuits by the snowmobile industry and a change of administrations, the NPS agreed to take another look at the issue. Despite receiving over 350,000 comments supporting the ban (including RtE's), the NPS issued a new Rule, overturning the ban and allowing up to 1,140 snowmobiles in the Park Units each day.

Continue reading this article...

For more information, background, or to view RtE's prior work on this issue, please see our Yellowstone/Grand Teton Winter Use Project page.

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Who's Your Planet Defender?

In April of 2006, Rock the Earth presented our inaugural Planet Defender awards to three inspirational defenders of the ideals that Rock the Earth believes in. These winners - Jack Johnson in the "Rocker" category, Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson in the "Community Leader" category, and Healing Harvest Forest Foundation's Jason Rutledge in the "Grassroots Activist" category - were chosen from among dozens of nominations made by Rock the Earth members and friends.

In January, we will once again put out a call for nominations of those individuals who embody Rock the Earth's mission of Defending the Planet One Beat at a Time. Keep an eye out for those folks who you feel are helping to protect our planet's most precious places, and nominate them for the prestigious Planet Defender Award. Winners will be announced on Earth Day, April 22, 2007.

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In the Key of Green: Purchase for the Planet

The holiday season is often an angst-ridden time for the environmentally- and socially-conscious shopper. Is my purchase contributing to damaging practices? Do I wrap my gifts in paper that will be thrown away? Our friends at Co-Op America have come up with a great holiday Green Gifts Catalog. By purchasing from the Green Gifts Catalog, you'll be sure to support companies and products with the least amount of negative impact on our planet. Of course, you can also keep in the family and purchase a gift membership to Rock the Earth!

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Winter Jamfest 2007 to Benefit Rock the Earth

The Winter Jamfest 2007 tour features a dizzying array of live music playing in the Southeast's premiere music venues. In its third consecutive year of existence, the tour is sponsored by Terrapin Beer Co. and will instill the principle of being in tune with your taste. The '07 Jamfest will give back to lovers of live music (and great beer) by providing an unforgettable concert-going experience of days-gone-by, where fans will enjoy multi-band bills at affordable prices.

Terrapin Beer co-founder, John Cochran, is excited to "take the summer festival atmosphere/vibe and keep it alive during the winter months. Since we had so much fun last year, we can't wait to be in tune with your taste again!"

A portion of the proceeds from Winter Jamfest 2007 will benefit The Big House Foundation and Rock the Earth.

The musicians on tour will treat fans to eclectic music from Rock to Electronica, exploring the spectrum of genres that are seen on all ends of the festival circuit. The traveling "mini-festival" will kickoff in early January and should not be missed. People who enjoy the concept of summer festivals will certainly appreciate all aspects of Winter Jamfest 2007…great bands, delicious micro-brew and charitable causes.

WinterJamfest 2007 line-up:

Bands: Moonshine Still (MsS), Pnuma Trio, The Bridge, U-melt, Captain Soularcat, Old Union, Elemental Harmonics, The Loft, Fusebox Funk, Aerial 2012, LooneyMill, Traveling North, Big City Sunrise

DJs: DJ Number Five, Dirty Digits, Obeah

Tour Dates:
01.11 | Beta Bar | Tallahassee, FL (MsS, Traveling North, Obeah)
01.12 | Freebird Live | Jacksonville, FL (Fusebox Funk, MsS, Obeah)
01.13 | Skipper's | Tampa, FL (MsS, Traveling North, Obeah)
01.18 | Exit/In | Nashville, TN (MsS, Old Union, The Loft, Dirty Digits)
01.19 | Jupiter | Tuscaloosa, AL (MsS, Looney Mill, Old Union, Dirty Digits)
01.20 | The Georgia Theatre | Athens, GA (MsS, Pnuma Trio, The Bridge, DJ Number Five)
01.27 | Zydeco | Birmingham, AL (MsS, Looney Mill, Old Union, Obeah)
02.01 | Lincoln Theatre | Raleigh, NC (MsS, The Bridge, U-Melt, Dirty Digits, Obeah)
02.02 | Soapbox | Wilmington, NC (MsS, The Bridge, U-Melt, Dirty Digits, Obeah)
02.03 | Ziggy's | Winston-Salem, NC (MsS, The Bridge, U-Melt, Dirty Digits, Obeah)
02.09 | Barley's | Knoxville, TN (MsS, Dirty Digits)
02.10 | Variety Playhouse | Atlanta, GA (MsS, Captain Soularcat, Aerial 2012, DJ Number Five, Dirty Digits)
02.16 | Neighborhood Theatre | Charlotte, NC (MsS, Elemental Harmonics, U-Melt, Obeah)
02.17 | The Orange Peel | Ashville, NC (MsS, Pnuma Trio, U-Melt, DJ Number Five, Obeah)
02.22 | The French Quarter | Statesboro, GA (MsS, Big City Sunrise, Dirty Digits, Obeah)
02.23 | The Pour House | Charleston, SC (Pnuma, MsS, Dirty Digits, Obeah)
02.24 | The Pour House | Charleston, SC (MsS, Pnuma, Dirty Digits, Obeah)

For more info about the Winter Jamfest 2007 tour visit

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John Densmore Rocks the Earth: Interview

John Densmore was a founding member of the legendary rock group The Doors. With fellow Doors Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger, Densmore developed a daring synthesis of rock, pop, jazz, world music and visionary poetry that remains unrivaled. More than 35 years after Morrison’s death, he continues to advance the band’s legacy, along with Manzarek and Krieger, via a wealth of new music projects, reissues and memoirs. His autobiography, Riders on the Storm, was on the New York Times bestseller list in 1991. He was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1993.

His lifelong adoration of jazz and his insatiable hunger for global sounds prompted the birth of his current project, Tribaljazz. This enticing ensemble’s self-titled debut album (on Hidden Beach Recordings) brings his classic and contemporary pursuits together – no more so than on their grooving, soulful rendition of the Doors classic “Riders on the Storm.” Densmore has also expanded the global reach of his music by collaborating with Persian-music master Reza Derakshani, producing and playing on the latter's album, Ray of the Wine.

Although John is very proud of these achievements, he takes great satisfaction in giving back to those who inspired him along the way. He was a major supporter for Amnesty International for several years in the ‘70’s. He has been actively involved in the ecology movement for twenty years. African-American musicians were his mentors, so he has set up a scholarship fund at UCLA for minority students. He has been made an honorary member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe of South Dakota for setting up a propane fund after the "worst winter in recorded history" (1997).

What environmental issue(s) do you consider to be the most critical at this time?

I consider all the environmental issues (air, water, soil) to be crucial and inseparable. Pollution effects all of them, which effects all of us. So, obviously, we need to clean up all the environmental problems because we live here. I don't adhere to the Omni magazine byline, "The weak shall inherit the Earth, the rest of us shall go to the stars." Whoever wants can go to the stars. I'm staying here and I don't want to live in a dump site.

What has inspired you to combine environmental activism with your music?

Art reflects culture and if your culture is polluted, your art will be. If you can nurture along political ideas in your art without preaching, that's a good thing. Or, if you just clean up your own back yard, you're doing your part. Being a public personality, I like showing an example of someone who is conscious about the trash I leave behind.

Where is your favorite place in nature to go to find solace or inspiration?

Whether it be a hike in the mountains or along the Pacific Ocean (the most powerful force on Earth according to the North American Native population), nature calms my psyche and has always healed my soul.

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Rockin the Earth with Family: Photo

RtE Staffer Kurt Klapkowski at the beach with son, Myles, and daughter Nora.

For more info, visit

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