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NW HI Islands National Monument Moves Forward

Much to our surprise, in late August the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued final regulations to implement President Bush's proclamation establishing the NW Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument. In doing so, the largest underwater marine sanctuary in the world has been established. Stretching 1,200 nautical miles, the Monument (larger than 46 of our 50 states) is governed by regulations that legally require the cessation of commercial fishing, drilling and other activities that threaten this fragile ecosystem. The new regulations also establish strict requirements on permitted activities. It should be noted that limited, non-commercial, recreational activities (SCUBA, snorkeling, etc.), as well as traditional, Native Hawaiian activities, are allowed with a permit, along with other limited research conducted with the purpose of protecting the Monument.

While Rock the Earth and its Hawaiian partner, KAHEA, await the Management Plan to implement the regulations (expected later this year), we continue to monitor permits being issued pursuant to the new regulations, to ensure that that the Monument receives the maximum amount of protection afforded under the law.

For more information on the NW HI Marine National Monument, see the July edition of Rock the Earth Notes or visit our website.

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10,000 Lakes Festival and the Mark Vann Foundation Rock the Earth

Over the past month, two organizations have made unsolicited donations to Rock the Earth - 10,000 Lakes Festival and the Mark Vann Foundation.

The 10,000 Lakes Festival is held annually each July in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. During the past two summers, Rock the Earth has not only been invited to the festival to educate and activate music fans, but 10KLF has make RtE one of the non-profit sponsor beneficiaries of the event, donating a portion of the proceeds to RtE. In accordance with 10KLF's request, the funds donated will be put toward RtE's Greening Jam Cruise project, set to take place January 2-6, 2007.

Mark Vann was the banjo player in the Colorado band Leftover Salmon, who at the age of 39, succumbed to cancer and passed away on March 4, 2002. Mark's spirit lives on through the charitable efforts of the foundation that bears his name. Mark consistently lived by the motto of "Go Big!" He applied this motto to both playing music and his unending willingness to offer his time and knowledge to teach anybody who wanted to learn. He encouraged others to "Dream Big," "Go Big," and "Pick Big," and personally supported their efforts to do so.

The Mark Vann Foundation was created to continue the spirit of joy, gratitude and generosity that Mark brought to our collective communities through his life and music. The Foundation's primary mission is to serve community based non-profit organizations bringing light, love and laughter into the lives of those in need through nature, music and the arts-- and to provide a conduit for kindhearted people with similar values to nurture impacting positive change within their own communities.

We are grateful for the support from both 10KLF and the MVF in helping us "Dream Big" to Defend the Planet One Beat at a Time!

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Rolling the Dice - Vegoose Steps Up to Help Rock the Earth

Vegoose is a Halloween festival extravaganza that draws inspiration from its Las Vegas location, and, of course, the spirit of Halloween. In addition to an eclectic group of music performers, there are interactive attractions, performance artists, and art installations-- including elements of the Las Vegas entertainment and performance community. Taking place from Oct. 27-30, 2006, the festival takes over the city of Las Vegas with a multitude of evening and late night shows throughout the extended weekend, culminating in an outdoor, multi-stage concert at the Sam Boyd Stadium on October 28 and 29. Much to our surprise and delight, the producers of Vegoose, in partnership with StubHub, are auctioning VIP ticket packages to benefit Rock the Earth. These custom packages include special back-stage privileges that will allow the winners to view artists from the side of the Main Stage, a radio broadcast performance, food, beverages, late night tickets and many other extras. Visit StubHub for more information.

As if this wasn't enough, a fan-celebrity blackjack tournament to benefit nonprofits, including Rock the Earth, will also be held in which $30,000 in money and prizes will be awarded to the winners, with the Grand Prize winner walking away with $15,000. For more information on how to enter, go to StubHub. Scroll down for an interview with Rich Goodstone, our newest Advisory Board member and co-founder of Vegoose creator, Superfly Presents.

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In the Key of Green: Potty Time

Rock the Earth friends and members often visit our table or write to us and ask what they can do on a daily basis. In our July newsletter, we presented 10 Ways to Save the Planet. The feature was so popular that each month we've decided to bring you "In the Key of Green," where we'll give a simple tip for you to help defend the planet one beat at a time!

We begin our feature with the ever-glamorous topic of toilets. Why toilets, you ask??!! Well, everyone uses them (we hope) and toilets can leak up to five gallons per minute, costing you hundreds of dollars per year. In one year, a leaky toilet can also use up to 22,000 gallons of precious water. To test for a leak, add a few drops of food coloring into the toilet tank after it has stopped filling. Wait 10 minutes. If the food coloring appears in the toilet bowl, the flapper or ball valve is leaking and needs to be replaced. If your toilet is not leaking, yet is not low flow (like most older toilets), there's an easy solution to save water. Add a small jug of water or pebbles to your tank. This will have the effect of taking up more space, thus reducing the flow. And best of all, it's free! See, aren't toilets fun?

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Coming in November: A Rockin' Charity Auction and Greening Jam Cruise Update

For the third time in as many years, the Mimi Fishman Foundation will be conducting an on-line auction to benefit Rock the Earth. Items donated include original artwork by Scramble Campbell, signed posters from Bonnie Raitt, Jack Johnson, the Allman Brothers Band and the Disco Biscuits, limited edition signed and numbed prints from Jim Pollock, Emek, Jeff Wood, Gary Houston and a multitude of others, and concert and aftershow passes donated by the String Cheese Incident. For more details, be sure to look for the November issue of Rock the Earth Notes or check our website in early November.

Stay tuned to RtE Notes for the latest news in our flagship project to green Jam Cruise! Next month, we'll be telling you about all that we're going to do to reduce the ecological impact of this festival on the open seas, while activating and educating the passengers with stimulating environmental programming involving many of the artists on the boat. In the meantime, there are only a few cabins remaining. Don't be left on the dock! Hurry to catch the most unique festival around!

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Bonnie Raitt Keeps On Rockin (the Earth)!

One of RtE's biggest supporters in 2006 was certainly Bonnie Raitt. Over the past several months we have had a presence on Bonnie's tour, conducted a high-profile interview of her on the Solar Stage at Bonnaroo, and she has donated a merchandise discount (20% off all merchandise on her website) to Rock the Earth Members. Now, for the inaugural show at the Broomfield Events Center in Broomfield (suburban Denver), Colorado, Bonnie has donated seats in the 4th row and aftershow passes to meet her. The tickets and passes are being auctioned on-line at CharityFolks to benefit Rock the Earth! For your chance to bid, go here.

Rock the Earth is incredibly humbled and thankful for Bonnie's generosity and we look forward to many years of partnering with her. In the coming weeks, we hope
to have the audio from our Bonnaroo interview with Bonnie available for download.
Stay tuned to the website.

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Rock the Earth Elects New Board Members at Annual Retreat

The weekend of October 13-15, 2006, the Staff and Board of Rock the Earth converged on Denver for our Annual Retreat, strategically planning the next twelve months, electing new Board Members, and holding a fundraising concert with Perpetual Groove. It was truly a busy, but productive weekend.

The new Board of Directors is as follows:
Marc Ross (Denver, CO) - President
Deanne Herman (Brooklyn, NY) - Vice President
Deana Zosky (Allentown, PA) - Treasurer
Lori Gray (Denver, CO) -- Secretary
Bob Frankel (Eugene, OR)
Derek Kalahar (Highlands Ranch, CO)
Stacey "Tree" Plant (Santa Cruz, CA)
Barbara Ross (Denver, CO)
Steven Tighe (Oakland, CA)

Congratulations to our new Board of Directors! In addition, Jeff Hansen and Sean McNamara depart our Board after serving the organization for two years, with Matt Conway departing after four years of service! All will continue to be active on our Volunteer Staff - Matt and Sean as members of our Legal & Technical Committee, Jeff as an active member of our Fundraising Committee. All will be greatly missed from helping to direct the organization as board members. We thank Matt, Jeff and Sean for their service and for continuing to Defend the Planet One Beat at a Time!

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Rockin' the Earth Has Its Perks!

Are you taking advantage of your membership benefits? Check out these great offers for members of Rock the Earth:

10% off Eco Express gift baskets
20% off Bamboosa products
20% off SCIGear merchandise
Special contests and discounts on concert tickets
For a limited time only
20% off Bonnie Raitt merchandise!

Email us at
to take advantage of these special benefits!

A special Rocktober contest for RtE Members!
This month, RtE members can also enter to win a t-shirt of their choice from Grateful Graphics! Just send an email to with the subject Grateful Graphics to enter to win!

Join Rock the Earth today!

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Volunteer with Rock the Earth!

Rock the Earth works with volunteers across the country to help us accomplish our work. We are looking for volunteers to help with a variety of tasks, such as:

  • Tabling events
  • Coordinating volunteers
  • Fundraising & membership drives
  • Legal & technical assistance
  • Assisting with data entry & mailings in our Denver office

If you're interested in volunteering with us, please send an email to to find out how you can help Rock the Earth!

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Superfly's Rich Goodstone Rocks the Earth: Interview

Richard Goodstone is co-founder of Superfly Productions, co-creators for the highly successful Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival and Vegoose Music Festival. Since Superfly's inception in 1996, it has developed into a full-service production company with unique strengths in concert promotion, event production, management services and marketing campaigns. With offices in New Orleans and New York, Superfly has produced successful events throughout the United States, including the Bonnaroo Music Festival and Vegoose. Today, Bonnaroo and its eclectic lineup of artists, staged in a bucolic setting in Tennessee, is the nation's largest music and camping festival. It has won accolades from its fans, (selling over 80,000 tickets each year with no paid advertising), the industry, and the press (Rolling Stone named it "One of the Fifty Moments to Change the History of Rock n Roll" in 2004).

Among the wide range of artists who have graced the Bonnaroo stages are Dave
Matthews Band, Primus, Neil Young, Wilco, Ani DiFranco, Doc Watson, Patti Smith, Camper Van Beethoven, Cracker, Alison Krauss, Herbie Hancock, Gillian Welch, Yonder Mountain String Band, Ween, Black Crowes, Mars Volta, David Byrne, Steve Winwood, String Cheese Incident, Bob Dylan, Nellie McKay, Gomez, Beth Orton and countless others.

This coming Halloween, Superfly and AC Entertainment will produce the second
annual Vegoose Music Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. More than 40,000 music fans will descend on the entertainment capital of the world for the main event at Sam Boyd Stadium and various nighttime concerts that will take place throughout the city. Some of the performing artists included Dave Matthews, Trey Anastasio, Tom Petty, Widespread Panic, String Cheese Incident, the Black Crowes, Ben Folds, the Roots, Guster, Galactic and many others.

Rich recently joined the Rock the Earth Advisory Board. For more information about RtE's Advisory Board, including bios for each of the members go here.

1. What environmental issue(s) do you consider to be the most critical at this time?

Global Warming is the largest environmental issue since man has lived. Until this point, the destruction of the earth was always under our control. As it stands now, because of our habits and their responsibility for the destruction of our ecosystems, we are getting to a point of no return. The issue must be at the forefront of our generation to understand and implement the necessary changes to reverse this trend and continue to allow the earth
to be an inhabitable place.

2. What has inspired you to combine environmental activism with your music?

There really is a moral obligation for anyone who is aware to take the time and do what you can to bring awareness to the rest of our population. The only way for us to change as a society, is to educate everyone we can of the issues that are facing the earth, and in turn, the human race as it is known. It's making a difference in yourself, others and the world is one of the main things, along with being happy, that life is all about.

3. Where is your favorite place in nature to go to find solace or inspiration?

It really depends on the moment. Nature is a healing force in and of itself and allows you to get away from the heavy energy of man. At various point in my life it has been on the beach, in the mountains, in my backyard with my bare feet on the grass, or in the desert. For myself, no one place would suffice, and that is what makes the world and all it has to offer such a special place.

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Rock the Earth Photo

Rock the Earth Executive Director Marc Ross with
Rex Foundation Advisory Board Member Bill Walton

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