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New York v. EPA

This month we thought we could take a look at a recent court decision addressing the Clean Air Act, which also serves to demonstrate the checks and balances of our federal government. On March 17, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit handed down a decision in New York v. EPA, No. 03-1380 (.pdf file), overturning a 2003 Environmental Protection Agency rulemaking that weakened Clean Air Act protections. The 2003 rulemaking represented one of the most recent chapters in the ongoing fight over the Clean Air Act's New Source Review (NSR) program. Environmental groups, local government entities and fourteen states challenged the rulemaking, known as the Equipment Replacement Provision.

What is New Source Review ("NSR")?

The NSR is a permitting process that requires stringent pollution controls on new or modified sources of air pollution. For existing sources of air pollution, the NSR program represents a compromise between environmental interest in clean air and public health and economic interest in continuing capital improvements. It allows continued operation of older facilities without updated controls until such time as the facility is "modified."

Section 111 of the Clean Air Act defines "modification" as...

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Another Rockin' Summer Around the Bend

As the weather gets warmer, Rock the Earth is gearing up for another summer of music and outreach across this beautiful country! From the High Sierras of California to the Mountaintops of West Virginia and North Carolina, RtE is hitting the festival circuit and joining some of your favorite artists during their summer tours. Come out and say hello to our summer outreach staff, lend a hand for a few hours at an event or support our work defending the Colorado River by becoming a member this summer! Your donations help us spread the word and organize musicians and music fans on important environmental issues. Look for us at the following festivals, as well as on the Dave Matthews Band, Bonnie Raitt, Acoustic Planet and Guster/Ray LaMontagne tours later this summer!

May 26 - 28 Kickin' it off Memorial Day weekend at Summer Camp in Chillicothe, IL
June 2 - 4 Our first Smilefest at Gorges Music Park in Lake Toxaway, NC, and we have discounted tickets for RtE Members only! Only $75 - a savings of up to $30!
June 2 - 4 Mountain Jam at Hunter Mountain, NY
June 9 - 11 Health & Harmony Fest, Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, CA
June 16 - 18 RtE Rocks Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN. More information below!
June 30 - July 2 Another summer in the Sierras at High Sierra Music Festival in Quincy, CA
July 15 - 16 RtE returns to the All Good Music Festival at Marvin's Mountaintop in Masontown, WV. RtE Members can purchase tickets for only $89!

July 19 - 22

Take advantage of Members-only and Volunteer discounts at 10,000 Lakes Music Festival at Soo Pass Ranch, Detroit Lakes, MN. RtE Members receive a $20 discount, volunteers can receive a $40 discount!

Keep an eye on our website for more dates to come!

Email us at to learn more about discounted festival tickets and other great membership benefits like 20% off SCIGear and Bamboosa products, 10% off Eco-express gift baskets and Members-only sale items for this month!

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Rockin' Bonnaroo!

Photo by Dave Vann
Bonnaroo 2005

Planet Roo is the village within Centeroo dedicated to preserving the environment as well as promoting sustainable and healthy living. Nonprofit organizations, eco-friendly vendors, and performers on the Solar Stage gather to interact and educate the public about what we can all do to protect the health of the planet.

In furtherance of that mission, Bonnaroo, in conjunction with Rock the Earth will be holding a series of panel discussions and artist environmental question and answer sessions live on the Solar Stage each day. Moderated by Rock the Earth Executive Director, Marc Ross, the theme of the panel discussions will be "Social Change Through Music," and will explore the synergies between the artists that create music and its interconnectedness to the environment and the world around us.

Already confirmed panelists include Al Schnier (moe.), Victor Wooten and Futureman (Bela Fleck & the Flecktones), John Medeski (MMW), Marc Brownstein (Disco Biscuits), Zac Matthews (Hot Buttered Rum), Anna Borofsky (Clean Vibes), Liz Berlin (Rusted Root) and a special, one-hour, a one-on- one interview with the legendary Bonnie Raitt! More artists to be announced soon!

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Members-only Sale!

This month's members-only sale includes photography from Tobin Poppenberg, a professional music photographer who truly captures the beauty of the moment in his images. RtE has a limited supply of Tobin's photograph of Michael Franti from the Eureka Municipal Auditorium in Eureka, California on March 31st, 2004. Each photograph is signed by both Tobin and Michael Franti and numbered out of a series of 10. These rare and limited photographs are available on a first come basis to our members for only $75.

Also available for members this month are copies of ALO's new CD Fly Between Falls signed by the band for only $17! Their new release is described as "laid-back and funky" and "a soulful arrangement of quirky-yet-thoughtful songs." It also features special guest Jack Johnson on the international love anthem "Girl, I Wanna Lay You Down."

Email us at to order today!

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Earth Week 2006

With Earth Day celebrations now lasting for a full week in different parts of the country, Rock the Earth expanded our outreach efforts during this national holiday. We kicked off our Earth Week activities on April 15, in Boulder Colorado, by participating in Dirt Days for the second year. Dirt Days is an Earth Day celebration sponsored by the Boulder Adventure Film Festival, and brought together other nonprofits and green businesses to help educate the public about new environmental technologies and the missions of the nonprofits who participated. On April 20, we participated in the University of Denver's Earth Day celebration with a movie and talk by the producers of Mama Earth, a funny, inspiring and thought provoking film about how we as individuals can help protect the planet.

The heart of our Earth Week activities was the Green Apple Music Festival in New York City. In conjunction with Earth Day New York, Rock the Earth Staff and volunteers spent two days outside of Grand Central Station, educating attendees about the organization, our current projects and signing up members. Over the course of the two days, 20 folks signed up for membership including musical artist extraordinaire, Bela Fleck! To get a taste of the Green Apple Music Festival, check out this short video. Meanwhile, that same weekend, a team of RtE Staffers and volunteers worked at the annual Earth Day Festival in Fort Collins, CO. As one would expect, as our Earth Week activities reached a new all-time high, our success at these events matched it. As our corps of volunteers continues to grow, we will look for new opportunities to participate in Earth Week activities in greater numbers and in more places next year.

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How do YOU Rock the Earth?

Without Rock the Earth's engaged members, we wouldn't be able to have nearly the impact that we do. Rock the Earth members consistently send project ideas, help table at events, and have recently helped us choose our inaugural Planet Defender Award winners.

We're asking our members to step up once again. One of the features in each month's newsletter is a Rockin' the Earth photo, with members and friends in unique natural or concert settings. The next time you head out to one of these special places, bring along your Rock the Earth gear and a camera.

Send in a photo of you, your friends, or your favorite musicians wearing a RtE shirt, along with a description of where and when the picture was taken. Winners will receive a FREE RtE tote bag to sport around town and we'll feature you in an upcoming newsletter! Send your photos to by June 30th and show us how you Rock the Earth!

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Dr. Jon Gelbard Rocks the Earth: Interview

Dr. Jonathan Gelbard sits on the Rock the Earth Advisory Board. For over a decade, Jon has worked to gain insights into how different interest groups approach environmental issues from different perspectives. He has worked with The Nature Conservancy's New Mexico Natural Heritage Program and ranchers in the grasslands, shrublands, and woodlands of southern New Mexico and Arizona, with agencies and environmental groups in Colorado's Rocky Mountains, with academics, ranchers and agencies in California's grasslands, and with consulting firms and environmental groups in the forests and deserts of Oregon. He is an expert in the science and management of biological invasions, as well as in the ecological effects of roads and livestock grazing on natural systems. He is keenly interested in helping to improve the translation of sound environmental science into appropriate management and policy decisions, in particular by improving communication of the importance of maintaining a healthy environment to decision makers, businesses, and the public. Jon is also the Founder and Executive Director of Conservation Value, whose mission is to improve public awareness of and access to practical information about steps that people, families, businesses, tribes and government officials can take to benefit our environment that will also improve our finances, health, and quality of life. Through Ursos, Dr. Gelbard offers private consulting in conservation biology and management, invasive species management, policy guidance, communicating conservation, and event planning.

What environmental issue(s) do you consider to be the most critical at this time?

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the lack of awareness among decisionmakers and the (voting) public about how we can benefit not only the environment, but also the economy, public health, national security, and our overall quality of life by solving our environmental problems. That environmental issues aren't just about saving some distant wild place that they're never going to see. That it's also about protecting the safety of the air we breathe and the water we drink, the health of ecosystems that bring people everything from critical natural services like water filtration by intact forests and protection of homes and businesses from hurricanes by intact wetlands, to natural resources (food, medicines, lumber, etc.), to spiritual rejuvenation.

What has inspired you to combine environmental activism with your music?

As a conservation biologist, it's frustrating to know about all the opportunities available NOW to simultaneously improve our environment, economy and quality of life, while so little of the general public seems to be aware of them. Unfortunately, most people and, especially, decisionmakers, still fall for the misperception that protecting the environment will always harm the economy. Or they want environmentally friendly products and information about sustainable living and business practices, but don't know where to find them.

I recognize that having lots of friends in the music industry is truly a gift that affords tremendous opportunities to get this type of information about and access to practical environmental solutions out to the masses. People look up to and emulate their musical heroes.

Where is your favorite place in nature to go to find solace or inspiration?

A secret trail that runs deep into the heart of the Klamath/Siskiyou bioregion, through pristine old growth forest, along one of the few California creeks still flush with wild salmon. It is a magical place buzzing with the energy, biological diversity, and healing powers of true wilderness.

Back in the Bay Area, I maintain a rotation of about 15 trails for weekend hikes, which are critical for emptying my cup of the muck of the civilized world so that I can refill it with fresh ideas and inspiration. One of my favorites is the Cataract Falls trail up in Marin.

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Rockin' the Earth on PGA Tour: Photo

RtE Member Jeffrey Ross of PGA Tour Sunday on the USA Network, winner for Best Editing at the 27th Annual Sports EMMY Awards.

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