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Rock the Earth Celebrates Its First Anniversary!
RtE 1st Annual Report ROCKS!
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RtE Seeks Summer Outreach Interns
Help Rock the St. Johns River!
RtE Rocks the Forest Service (Again!)
Don't Forget the Roan Plateau! Deadline is 4/11
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Rockin' and Rollin' at Six Flags Elitch Gardens
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Peering Into the Looking Glass Rock the Earth Celebrates Its First Anniversary!

It was just over a year ago that Rock the Earth held its very first membership drive at Cervantes in Denver, CO during a late-night New Monsoon show. We had just received our 501(c)(3) status and the door to our new non-profit organization was finally opened to the public. Anticipation and excitement filled the air as our hard-working Volunteer Staff awaited their first opportunity to tell others about the mission and vision of RtE and sign up our very first members! Over two years had passed since the formation of a founding group to act as the Board of Directors, and the behind-the-scenes work on legal and technical research, comment letters, strategizing and creating RtE. Now was the time to really bring RtE to life!

Our first membership drive brought in 19 new members, but even more importantly allowed us to begin connecting with musicians and music fans that would lead to new projects, more members, benefit shows and collaborations with other organizations working together to Defend the Planet One Beat at a Time. One year later, it's so exciting to see how our organization has grown, thanks to the continued support, enthusiasm and help of our Volunteer Staff and members, as well as the many musicians, friends, fans and family that work with us and keep our spirits and energy high. Please download our Annual Report to read more about all of our accomplishments in 2004! As you read on you'll see that the accomplishments are already rolling in for 2005 with members-only benefits, more benefit shows and our first collaboration with Gouda Causes and Earth Force on a stream restoration project here in CO.

Of course, our goal over the next year is to make an even bigger impact in our mission to protect and defend the beauty, health and sustainability of our planet, and we need your continued support to do so! The time and funding required to research and take action on the many projects that are brought to us is our biggest hurdle and you can make a huge difference in helping us to overcome it! Your donations will help support the work of our Legal and Technical team as well as the continued outreach necessary to publicize the important issues on which we are working. Please help us continue to expand and strengthen our impact as a community by becoming a member or renewing your membership with RtE! We can't thank you enough for all of your support over the past year and hope that you will continue to help us Rock the Earth!

Gratefully yours,
The RtE Volunteer Staff

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RtE 1st Annual Report ROCKS!

The first Annual Report from Rock the Earth is complete and can be found on our website. Highlights from 2004 include:

  • RtE's mercurial growth in membership (360 members gained in 2004) and Volunteer Staff (22).
  • RtE completed a half dozen substantive campaigns on important environmental issues and identified another dozen issues through interactions with the music community.
  • RtE had a presence at over 60 concert dates throughout the United States.
  • RtE raised over $18,000 from memberships, sponsorships, donations, grants and auctions in its first 9 months of formal existence as a 501(c)(3) organization.

If you would like a hard copy of the Annual Report, you can obtain one by sending a request and your mailing address to

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Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)

What Is It?
Waste produced in our homes that are hazardous in nature (e.g., toxic, corrosive, reactive or ignitable), but are not regulated as hazardous waste under federal and state laws, are known as Household Hazardous Wastes (HHW). Americans generate 1.6 million tons of HHW per year. Including such items as old paints, paint related products, pesticides, pool chemicals, drain cleaners, degreasers, spent lead-acid batteries, used motor oil and other car care products. Such waste products, if carelessly managed will create environmental and public health hazards. Check the Household Products Database for more information about everyday products.

How Should It Be Managed?
Remember the three Rs of Waste: Reduce, Reuse or Recycle!

Best method? Prevent the generation of HHW in the first place. Select the least toxic item that will get the job done and buy only the necessary amounts. Take a moment to visit Products for a Better World, or the EPA for some suggestions for everyday non-toxic alternatives!

If you have leftover material and it's still useable, check with friends and neighbors to see if they might be able to use it. Check with community groups to see if perhaps they can use the product.

If you can't find someone who can use it, take it to your community's HHW Collection Program. Such programs will ensure that your HHW is recycled or, otherwise, managed, in an environmentally preferable way, under the hazardous waste provisions of the law. offers a zip code based search for waste management services, including HHW.

If your community does not have such a collection program, you may legally discard them in your regular trash pick up, provided you:

  • Look at the label for any disposal directions and comply with them;
  • Allow liquids to evaporate (if water based) or become absorbed (if non-water based) by material such as vermiculite, cat litter, or sawdust - so that there are no freestanding liquids;
  • Package the remaining residue carefully to prevent leakage while the HHW is transported to the disposal facility; and,
  • Place the HHW out in small quantities, over several collection periods.

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RtE Seeks Summer Outreach Interns

Are you interested in a summer internship with RtE? This summer RtE will once again tour the country! Our goal is to educate music fans and environmentalists about our mission and the environmental issues on which we are working. We'll will be signing up new members and volunteers, as well as continuing to build our relationships with musicians nationwide. We had great success during our 2004 Summer Tour and look forward to reaching even greater heights in 2005! If you are interested in learning more about the Summer Outreach Intern Positions, please email us at for a full job description.

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Help Rock the St. Johns River!

St. Johns River and its tributaries are facing a growing threat of pollution and continued development. The main stem of the river suffers from increased levels of several contaminants. Excessive levels of nutrients and nitrogen cause algal blooms which pose a threat to both aquatic and human health. Critical habitat is being lost or impaired by increased development, sediment runoff, and the illegal filling of waterways and wetlands by property owners and developers. The burgeoning population of the St. Johns River Basin is looking to the river to meet their increasing drinking water needs. The future health and management of the St. Johns River depends upon the support and vigilance of concerned citizens.


At 310 miles long, the St. Johns is the longest river in Florida. Throughout history it has served as an important resource for the many inhabitants of the area. Indian tribes relied on the river for food and transportation. Spanish explorers also used the river for transportation and found that the rich biological diversity of the river provided ample food during their journeys. The St. Johns has been a hub of transportation ever since and provides countless recreational activities along its' slow meandering banks. Due to its historical significance, President Clinton designated the St. Johns an American Heritage River in 1998. It is the only river in Florida to receive this designation and one of only 14 in the nation to have this prestigious title.

The St. Johns is home to several species of significant wildlife. Alligator, gopher tortoise, spotted turtle, Florida black bear, little blue and tri-colored heron, snowy egret, southeastern kestrel and limpkin all call the river their home. The river is also home to many threatened species such as the bald eagle, theeastern indigo snake and the western indian manatee. The tributaries and wetlands of the St. Johns River Basin are a critical habitat for several species of plants and provide ideal spawning grounds for fish and other aquatic animals as well.


Freedom Commerce Center:
The Freedom Commerce Center (FCC) is a large block development proposed within the St. Johns River Basin. Some facts about the FCC:

  • If developed the FCC would destroy nearly 130 acres of mature forested wetlands.
  • The FCC site is classified as a high to very high quality urban wetland because of the size of the remaining system, its location, its maturity and ecological diversity.
  • The wetlands on the FCC site help form the headwaters of Julington and Pottsburg Creeks, two of Duval County's most ecologically and economically important water bodies.
  • The degradation of these two creeks will negatively impact property values, water-based recreational industries, and fish and wildlife resources.
  • The St. Johns River Water Management District has acknowledged this potential project will impact the water quality of Julington Creek.
  • The U.S. EPA, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Marine Fisheries Service have all requested FCC's Clean Water Act permit application be denied. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission has also opposed issuance of a permit for FCC.
  • If approved, this would represent one of the largest impacts of wetlands ever allowed by a single project and would establish a terrible precedent of statewide significance that no wetlands are too important to protect.


St. Johns Riverkeeper is challenging the St. Johns River Water Management District staff report that recommended approval of the permit application for the proposed Freedom Commerce Center development.

The administrative hearing to address that challenge is scheduled for:

April 18
North Florida Regional Council Office
6850 Belfort Oaks Place
Jacksonville, FL 32216

Please, support Rock the Earth and the St. Johns Riverkeeper in their opposition to the Freedom Commerce Center project by attending the hearing on April 18 and if invited, voice your opposition to this destructive project. For the latest details and information, please check the St. Johns Riverkeeper website. RtE wishes to thank Susan Trucks, mother to Derek Trucks (Allman Brothers Band, Derek Trucks Band) for bringing this very important issue to our attention!

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RtE Rocks the Forest Service (Again!)

On March 6, RtE submitted another letter to the National Forest Service protesting the roll-back of logging regulations on public lands, under the misnamed guise known at "Healthy Forests." Among other reasons, RtE formally objected to the new regulations on the grounds that they will remove critical decisions regarding our National Forest from public review and comment, and will result in adverse impacts to both our nationally-held forests and the environment overall. Read the letter here.

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Don't Forget the Roan Plateau! Deadline is April 11, 2005!

Although Rock the Earth will be submitting its own set of technical and legal comments in collaboration with the Colorado Environmental Coalition to protect this critical ecosystem from the adverse impact from oil and gas drilling, there is strength in numbers. Please send your comments to the BLM today, urging the agency to craft a balanced plan for the Roan Plateau. For more information on where to comment and what to say, go to:

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Rockin' in the USA: Upcoming Events

Rock the Earth Inaugural Snow Ball: March 23, 9pm, Denver, CO

We are getting really excited about our next benefit concert - the first in our hometown of Denver! We'll be kicking off SCI's Spring Ski Incidents in style at Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom on Wednesday, March 23, with our friends Shanti Groove and Dr. Banjo himself, Pete Wernick, and of course there will be plenty of special guests! In addition to the music, we'll be holding a raffle and silent auction. Tickets are still available at Baseline Ticketing. Tickets are $12 in advance; $15 at the door. Doors are at 8 pm; show is at 9 pm. Come join us for what is sure to be a memorable night of music for a great cause!

Incidents Happen! April 2nd & 3rd, Park City, UT

The String Cheese Incident
Photo by C. Taylor Crothers

Just as we went to press with our e-newsletter last month, long-time Rock the Earth supporter, The String Cheese Incident, announced that RtE would be the beneficiary of not one, but TWO "Incidents" set to take place April 2nd and 3rd at Suede in Park City, Utah. We are humbled that SCI would extend this honor on our organization at this point in time and we hope that you will support SCI's actions and Rock the Earth by attending what will be historic shows in a wonderful atmosphere. String Cheese bassist Keith Moseley says, "SCI is always looking for ways to get involved in good causes; Rock the Earth holds close two of our priorities: the environment and music. We're glad to help the organization."

So join us for skiing and for two great nights of music. Tickets are now available from Baseline Ticketing. Hotel/condo accommodations and travel plans may be made through Madison House Travel.

Rockin' Microbrews for the Environment: Friday, April 22, 8pm, Boulder, CO

The Motet

Rock the Earth is honored to have been selected as one of two beneficiaries of this year's 13th Annual Microbrews for the Environment. As you may know, April 22nd is the 35th Anniversary of Earth Day, and this year it will also be the thirteenth Annual Microbrews for the Environment benefit concert at the Boulder Theater. Since 1993, the Microbrews for the Environment benefit has raised nearly $70,000 for local environmental causes. Part of the proceeds from this year's benefit will further the environmental efforts of Rock the Earth! Come join us and our friends The Motet and Holy Moses & the High Rollers for a night of live music, fantastic beer- all for a great cause! For tickets and more information, please contact the Boulder Theater at In addition, as part of our contribution to the event, we need to provide volunteers to assist in the night's festivities. If you are interested in helping to Rock Microbrews for the Environment, please let us know at

As always, please check our website for the
latest Rock the Earth tourdates and happenings!

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Rockin' & Rollin' at Six Flags' Elitch Gardens

Do you live in Colorado? Do you love roller coasters, fried dough and fun in the sun? In April you can help Rock the Earth by joining us for Charity Day at Elitch Gardens in Denver, CO! We are joining other non-profit organizations in Colorado for a day of fun at Elitch Gardens on April 17th and want to invite YOU to come meet and get to know some of our Rock the Earth Volunteer Staff. The bigger the group the more fun it will be - we're even competing for the highest ticket sales, so invite your friends to learn about RtE and meet more music lovers and environmentalists in the Front Range! Tickets are only $19.99 for the day (regular price $37.99)! If you're interested in joining us, please send an email to us at for more information and to get your ticket!

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Gouda Causes and Earthforce

Up on Bear Creek : SCI & Gouda Causes Partner with RtE and Denver Earth Force to Help Restore "Bear Creek"

You are cordially invited to join us for a couple of hours in the afternoon before Saturday's SCI show at the Fillmore! On Saturday, March 26th, volunteers from Gouda Causes and Rock the Earth are teaming up with FrontRange Earth Force Youth and the City of Denver's Natural Areas Program to help restore and sustain "Bear Creek," a natural area on the city's west side that is home to beaver and other wildlife. Volunteers will help remove noxious weeds, plant trees and make the area more wildlife friendly.

The City of Denver's Natural Areas Program's goal is to change the course of undeveloped, degraded and disturbed lands by nurturing them back into well-balanced, sustainable, healthy ecosystems. Denver has a very diverse wildlife population that makes use of the 3000 plus acres of natural space spread throughout the city.

Front Range Earth Force, in partnership with schools throughout the Denver area, annually engages the cities youth to take positive civic action to improve their schools, community and the environment. Their programs are designed to engage youth in environmental and community problem-solving.

DIRECTIONS: Take I-25 to Sixth Ave Freeway (HWY 6) west to Sheridan Blvd. Exit at Sheridan and go south to Dartmouth. It will be about 4 1/2 miles. Dartmouth is about 3/4 mile past Yale before Hampden. Turn west on Dartmouth to Lamar. The Kennedy High School parking lot is on south end of school at Dartmouth and Lamar.

For more information, and to sign up, please contact

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For Members Only

As advertised in last month's RtE Notes, membership in RtE truly has its privileges. This month, we are offering up a few new items for sale. In addition to the sale items below, the BIG news is that we now have an arrangement with SCI Gear to provide our members with a 20% discount on ALL merchandise on their website. If you are interested in taking advantage of this wonderful benefit, please write to us at for more information. And now, onto the special sale items available ONLY to Members of Rock the Earth:

Ozomatli 10 Year Anniversary Poster
Autographed by ALL band members!
Very limited copies available for $25 each
Steve Kimock Band
Live at the Gothic Theater DVD

Limited copies specially priced at $20 (regular price: $25)
Limited Edition Phish print
Signed and numbered by artist Ryan Kerrigan
Limited copies specially priced at $15 (regular price: $25)
To order any of these sale items, email

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Notes by RtE Member Ryan Lappi

There has always been an integral relationship, a symbiosis, between music and the environment, and it's not hard to see why. Music is almost always an expression of the most elemental aspects of our identity, the bridge between the internal and external worlds. A melody unfolds like the seasons, musical dissonance erupts like a thunderstorm, and the fleeting moments of the most breathtaking sunsets have their counterparts in the subtle inflections of a musical note. Both can only derive their beauty
from the passage of time. In fact, music is itself a place, a "box of rain" or a lively street corner you can carry around in your pocket and revisit any time of the day.

Despite the harsh conditions from which some of the greatest music has emerged, the vitality of any musical form leans heavily on the faith and solidarity of the participating community. We often overlook the true power and freedom gained every time a song is born, or any time the musical stories of our communities cross paths in the global culture. But if there's any lesson to be learned, it's that there is no limit to the inspiration we can gain to carry on the reciprocal processes of music and nature in our daily lives.

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Jeff Miller Rocks the Earth

Photo by Susan J. Weiand

Jeff Miller is the lead guitarist for the popular Bay Area band, New Monsoon. New Monsoon was conceived when Penn State friends Bo Carper and Jeff Miller reconnected in California. With Carper's rootsy acoustic finger style as a foil for Miller's inspired melodies, the pair sowed the seeds of the New Monsoon sound. Combining the sounds of Carlos Santana, Jerry Garcia, Trey Anastasio with a bit of Bruce Springsteen thrown in for good measure, Jeff creates a sound that is as unique as it is reminiscent of other great guitar players. Jeff and the rest of New Monsoon have been long-time supporters of Rock the Earth and were the first band to invite us to have a presence at their shows.

RtE: What environmental issue(s) do you consider to be the most critical at this time?
JM: It's difficult to answer this one because there are so many environmental issues. But, I think the depletion of fossil fuels and the ramifications (pollution, oil spills, etc.) is high on the list.

RtE: What has inspired you to combine environmental activism with your music?
JM: Music and nature have always been hand in hand for me. I Think it stems from my Mom.

RtE: Where is your favorite place in nature to go to find solace or inspiration?
JM: My favorite place to go, and go often is Pt. Reyes National Seashore. Limantour Beach is spectacular!

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Rock the Earth Photo

RtE Board Member Jeff Hansen in Phillips Island, Australia

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For more info, visit

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